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    Example Team Store

    SwimTopia's online store gives you a way to manage your team's spirit orders and payments throughout the season, using your own suppliers and the WePay account you've set up for registrations.

    Enabling Your Team Store

    Your Team Store is currently inactive: when you go to Manage Site > Edit Navigation, you'll see a page titled "Team Store" marked as "DISABLED."

    To enable your Team Store page, go to Manage Team > Website > Online Store, set up your WePay account, and check the box to "Enable Online Store Feature." You can rename your Team Store page (Team Gear, Shop Online, etc.) by going to Manage Site > Edit Navigation, then click on "Properties" next to "Team Store."

    You can read more about setting up your online store in this Help Center article.

    Setting up Your Products

    Items set up in the Merchandise section of your team site can be sold in your Team Store and also during your registration process.

    A Little Housekeeping...

    Note: whether you decide to enable your online store or not, you MUST delete this page. When you're ready to remove this page go to Manage Website/Edit Navigation and click on "Properties" next to the page titled "Example Team Store," then click "Remove."

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